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The food and beverage industry is very demanding when it comes to pest control.  Arrow Industrial meets the challenge.  Stringent government requirements and audits require a concise and recordable pest program along with great service.  Our pest service for the food and beverage industry is IPM (Integrated Pest Management) at its best.  Arrow will inspect, educate, document, and look for any means of pest control before using chemical or fumigation measures. Our program includes increased sanitation, exclusion, fly traps, pheromone and lure traps, baits, and more!  Arrow’s offers trend reports, bar-coding services, and client education to get your facility audit ready!

Arrow has never failed an audited inspection in the food and beverage industry!  We fully guarantee our service and will pay any audit fines if they are solely related to the pest problem!

Grain Bin Fumigation:  Arrow is fully licensed and insured to fumigate grain bins, silos, ships, and any commodity in the Louisiana area.  Please call us for an inspection and quote today!  We commonly fumigate for weevils, beetles, moths, and many more.  Arrow has never had a commodity fumigation fail before and we guarantee a successful fume.


If your facility is having problems with the following pests, Arrow has the answer!

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife
  • Birds
  • Flies, Moths
  • Grain beetles, Cigarette Beetles, Flour Beetles
  • Many More!