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Arrow is certified and licensed to perform pest services for offshore oil rigs, cruise ships, drilling ships, and shipping ports.  Most issues that occur offshore are not naturally occurring. They are due to people or commodities being transported to the areas.  Once the pests are there, pest populations often explode because the pests do not have anywhere else escape.  They must die or thrive.  If Arrow does your offshore pest service, the pests will die!  Arrow performs emergency services as well as on-going preventative and maintenance services.

Ship Fumigation:  Arrow is fully licensed and insured to do ship fumigation in Louisiana and on the Gulf Coast. We fumigate ships carrying foodstuffs, lumber, and more.  Arrow also provides fumigation services for docks and ports.  We fumigate shipping containers for pests so the goods can be cleared to enter or exit the country.  With Arrow’s expertise, marine fumigation is a sure bet to eliminate your pests safely and effectively.

Service Area:  Arrow offers these marine and offshore pest services in any of the Gulf Coast states.

Arrow commonly services for: Weevils, Beetles, Bed Bugs, Roaches, Rodents, Ants, Birds, Food Pests, Mosquitoes, And More!